Friday, October 5, 2012

She's here!

One of the most incredible experiences of our lives . . .
In the hospital, right before I was induced. So excited to become parents!

Ava Florence Sorensen. Born Friday, September 28, 2012 at 5:54 am. 6 lbs, 8 oz  and 20 inches of perfection. 

Ava was a week overdue, but that was probably a good thing! After waiting anxiously for a week, thinking oh! it could be today! and having another day pass . . . we went in so I could be induced. After a dose of medicine to help me dilate, I went into contractions, pushed about 5 times, and out she came! Well, that whole process took a few hours--a relatively short 6 and a half hours in which time seemed to go so quickly for both Tom and I. 

Right after she was born . . . and a few seconds before I started bawling. What an overwhelming, transcendent feeling to have your baby finally in your arms and to see her sweet face, and to think-- wow, this is my daughter and I love her so much. She is so beautiful. 

One of the first daddy daughter moments. what a proud papa!

Baby girl all snuggled up. 

My morning sunshine. 

Heading out of the hospital for home!


The most beautiful baby girl in the world. 

Preggo Pics!

I wasn't exactly consistent with taking pregnancy pictures, but I did manage to get a few! Mostly thanks to Kelley, who requested constant belly updates so she could keep track while down in Moab for the season being a river guide. Thanks Kell! here they are, in all their glory:

About 12 weeks (on anniversary getaway to Zermatt)

20 weeks-- happy halfway!

About 28 weeks (at the park)

34ish weeks (the lovely bathroom mirror shot)

38 weeks (at the park again!)

a 40 week belly-- still has a baby in it!

41 weeks (at the pool with sis)

.....and 41 weeks right before I was induced! 

I am so grateful to have had a relatively smooth and easy pregnancy! Going a week overdue was somewhat stressful.... wondering if I was going to be pregnant forever, being bored at home with a clear schedule and no baby, and walking with the dog 4 to 7 miles a day trying to get things started .... but in the end it was all worth it :)