Wednesday, January 21, 2009


lately i've been drinking a lot of this

and tom and i have been watching this (and loving it!)
working a lot here

and dreaming, hoping, trying, to go up here

. . . . soon!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i absolutely love these pottery barn frames . . . so classy and beautiful. they would go perfect on that empty wall space above the fireplace . . . . i almost think that if heaven was decorated like pottery barn, it wouldn't be too bad . . . (jk- i'm sure heaven is much better, but i still love these frames!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

the break

now that school has started up again, i can't help but reflect on the wonderful, peaceful, relaxing, and much appreciated christmas break. it was so much fun! here are some of our favorite things:
one of the the best christmas presents ever! tom wrote a cute story to go along with my present- which included dinner at the snake creek grill in heber (absolutely amazing- my favorite place to eat), a stay in park city, rocky mountain chocolate factory, and a hot air balloon ride!! what a great husband . . .
a sexy green christmas nightgown from santa's elves . . . (and my new rocks from tom!!)
christmas socks!
cute girls and their black jackets from santa . . . i love this picture--it's so christmas morning . . .
tom opening his stocking--and wearing the stockings too . . . .
and some more favorites . . . .
going sledding with tom (his first time since 3rd grade)
my nice new work apparel (thanks chris & jen!)
playing wii fit & rock band with marissa every chance we get
very late bedtimes
our new digital picture frame (thanks dad & mary!)
seeing the curious case of benjamin button with john & bonnie on new years-- it was good but very, very long!
seeing 3 movies in 4 days and crying at all of them (my favorite one: Marley & Me)
tom's new education opportunities (master's program!)
getting excited for skiing, our one year anniversary (coming up soon!) and the new semester of school . . . .

vegas, baby

the pioneer las vegas bowl game. so much fun! tom and i loved spending time with each other, with friends, and experiencing some of the best and better parts of las vegas.
I caught Tom about to wink at me while at the Fremont Street/Outback Experience. Free steak and chicken? we're there.
really probably my favorite part of las vegas: the bellagio fountains.
fun walking around the casinos.
I'm so glad that jenna and my dad came down to watch the game with me! we had fun getting some humongous yummy crepes and making fun of the cougar fight song. rah rah rah!
post-game. we were getting a little cold by then.
with my sweetie in all his sexy football stuff. he's the best looking one out there! this was the last football game with tom being on the team. so many memories . . . way to go babe!