Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blue, White, & red (sunburns)

These past few weeks have been so fun, we've been enjoying the sunshine and also the snow. We first were sunburnt at the Blue & White game- which was pleasantly sunny! It was funny because at church the next day you could tell who the football players and their wives were, because we were all sunburnt!

Then I went spring skiing with Dad, Jenna, and Kelley and came away with a lovely goggle burn. It almost seemed like Christmas, cause I'm pretty sure I looked like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Now my nose is peeling and it's even more wonderful! It was a lot of fun to go skiing with dad, and as usual, I earned my name of "grama" on the slopes. I say, it's all relative.

Then we got some sun on our hike on Saturday- and came away with sunburns! We hiked up the Big Springs trail up South Fork, and encountered a lot of snow. It was kinda fun- because it was warm, but we were hiking through snow! It'll take a little while for the snow to melt and the trail to clear off so we can bike it. It was so much fun! We are definitely looking forward to more sunshine, and we are investing in some suncreen.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Panda Bear

I wouldn't normally consider my husband a panda bear, but I guess you could. It was interesting that he was called one in the Deseret News earlier this week. I'm so proud of Tom! He works so hard, and comes home so sore from practice that he walks a little funny, and he was in the newspaper 4 days this week! The Daily Herald, Desert News, Salt Lake Tribune, and the Daily Universe. So panda bear or not, my husband is wonderful! PLUS he takes out the trash . . . :)

This week has been full of fun and not so fun accomplishments- including a 16 page paper that I wrote in one day! And also Kelley's dominating soccer team, and Marissa's volleyball team winning first in Cedar City. It's always rewarding to see your hard work paying off- whether it's in the newspaper, your grades, or just being a winner :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Our apartment is wonderful! Our first home together- it can't get better than this. Only one complaint: the dryer takes a century to dry anything. Consequentially, there is always more laundry to do than the poor dryer has the ability to dry.

Tom and I had a most wonderful 3 weeks anniversary last Friday. Almost a month now, and going strong! We are both going to school spring semester (thank you Al) and are looking forward not only to the end of the semester, but to the end of spring ball. Just counting down the days!

So as our laundry pile seems to get bigger and bigger all the time- so does the love and fun that we share- getting bigger and better all the time!