Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 years for us, 1 for the dog

March 7th was our 3 year anniversary! Woohoo! Tom delivered some flowers to my work, and the sweet ladies in the front office insisted that he deliver them to my classroom himself. All my students thought it was so sweet and cheered when he gave me a kiss! I have the best husband ever, don't I? Oh yeah, I also had 3 pizzas delivered to his work.  . . Does that make me a good wife? Ha ha! One pizza for each year!

We were a bit sad that we didn't get the chance to stay at Zermatt up in Midway like we have every year, but this anniversary helped me reflect on how much we have learned and grown together. Tom is the best part of our anniversary anyway, no matter where we are on the actual date- be it at work or wherever. I am so glad that I married this guy- more and more I realize that he's the one for me. He still opens the door for me and still tries his best to make me laugh, still snores like a bear at night, still makes questionable "casseroles", still plays "what if" games, still works hard for our family, still listens to sports radio and Sportscenter at deafening decibels, still can grill with the best of 'em, and still loves me. And gosh, I love him too.

Additionally, and to prove what I said above- Tom recently received a top salesman award from work! And an iPad! Told you he's a rockstar.

Also in the lovely month of March: Rudy had his first birthday on the 10th. We sang happy birthday to him and then gave him a whole chicken breast for dinner (he goes crazy for chicken) and a pig's ear (nasty, but he loves those too). Rudy is still very much a puppy- an 80 pound puppy that loves to play and cuddle sometimes- but mostly play. He's also a great running buddy for me and keeps me safe when Tom has late nights at school or work.

But he almost wasn't going to make it to his second birthday when we came home from church a couple of weeks ago to find our couch torn apart. Ooooooh boy, he got it then. He stays outside now even if we are gone for a few minutes, and even if it's snowing. After all, he is an outside dog. So, if you ever want to know what the inside of a couch tastes like (or a shoe, or a dog bed, or baseboards, or carpet, or blankets, or shampoo bottles, or toilet paper, or.  .  .) Just ask the Rudy monster.

P.S. updates are rare but treasured, no? Love that blogger phone app!