Wednesday, August 12, 2009

silver lake and summer update

so what have we been up to? lots of hikes this summer! our favorite is the silver lake hike up american fork canyon. we've been doing this one religiously this summer- every friday morning!

and we went to the 24th of july pioneer day salt lake bees game. my favorite part was when we got to go down on the field after the game and watch the fireworks!!

and coaching! love my little swimmers- they have been one of the highlights of my summer, and the reason that i've withstood triple digit temperatures day after day, and not so sexy navy blue coaches polo shirts (i'm the tall one 2nd from the right). thank goodness for sarah- my co-coach- she was great this summer!

coming up . . . i'm doing the jordanelle triathlon, so we'll hopefully get some pics of that- in case you haven't noticed i'm not mrs. wifey-photographer, so the photos are scanty, but when we take them, boy are they good!