Monday, April 27, 2009

one happy year

i realize that the time is a little past for posting on our (one year!!) anniversary (march 7), but it was absolutely wonderful (up at zermatt resort in midway, also where we spent our honeymoon). but here are some pictures of our wedding- the first time they have been seen by anyone other than family . . .

I love this view of the temple- it's a different angle than all of the others- and even though it was march- there is a little green in here!

i think these ones are so fun- dad couldn't keep a straight face though!!

and the reception . . .

yes, we all wore the same shoes . . .and wanted to shoot ourselves after the reception. but they were cute . . .

the groomsman . . . jeff?!

cheers to one happy year!

photography by simple photography (